Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sabila Orbe Projects

HUMANFOBIA (with Mist Spectra)
Dark Electronic Experimental, Witch House, Horror Noise, Dark Ambient, Crypt Hop, 
Dreamcore, Computer Music

Dark Ambient, Ghostly Noise, Experimental, Horror Electro, Dreamcore

YAKA-ANIMA (2016-2020)
Computer Music, Voice Generator, Noise, IDM, Electro Experimental

INSECTOID GIRL (2018-2020)
Deconstructed, Cyberwave, New Age music.

For Check the full details & full discography of these 4 music projects visit:

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dark Experimental Music

Digital art by Thomas Sutter.

There's a lot of underground independent artists who mix different sounds and music styles and don't have an specific or just one musical genre. 

Dark electronic experimental music is a mixture of a lot of genres like: idm, noise, dark ambient, witch house, drone, glitch, downtempo & many others. Is something avant-garde but focused totally in dark thematics like ghosts, war, sadness, nightmares, occultism, religion, esoterism and others.

Here you have a little list of Main Dark Experimental Artists with his main page. 

 α Ori
 Country: France
 Genres mixed: Dark ambient, glitch, idm, noise

ангел - Catalyst
 Country: Spain
 Genres mixed: dark synth, ambient, industrial
Ask Heroin Sally
 Country: Canada
 Genres mixed: Noise, dark ambient, industrial, horror soundscapes

Cosmic Disruption Orchestra
 Country: UK
 Genres mixed: Noise, dark ambient, glitch

 Country: Italy
 Genres mixed: Glitch,  Dark ambient, Lofi

Diaspora Psichica
 Country: Italy
 Genres mixed: Dark ambient, Industrial, Cinematic

Humanfobia / Filmy Ghost
 Country: Chile
 Genres mixed: Noise, Glitch, Dark Ambient, Computer Music, Sound Collage,
Witch House, Dark electro.
 Country: Belgium
 Genres mixed: Industrial, Dark Ambient,
Dark electro, IDM.

Insatiable Void
 Country: USA
 Genres mixed: Gothic, Industrial, Dark Ambient,
Witch House, Dark electro.

Le Vitriol Hermétique
 Country: France
 Genres mixed: Spoken poetry, dark ambient 

ambient/electronic project: My Own Cubic Stone:

Mean Flow
 Country: Greece
 Genres mixed: noise, dark ambient, sound art, power electronics

 Country: Brazil
 Genres mixed: Noise, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Minimalistic
 Country: USA
 Genres mixed: Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, Minimalistic

 Country: Australia
 Genres mixed: Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, Power Electronics