jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Ghost in the Computer

What is the connection between the Ghost world and the technology?
Where all this phantamal futuristic concept comes from?
The sci-fi horror movies are a true inspiration for the humanfobia sound.
sounds like nonsense but the mixture of cyberpunk
and the old classic abandoned haunted house is possible.

Talking about something popular you have it in the movies:
*Inspired in movies like Kairo-pulse (2001) / Ghost System (2002) / White Noise (2005)/ Pulse (2006) /  Unfriend (2015) / Friend Request (2016)

The surrealistic idea of a machine possessed by an incorporeal entity is something that is present since the begin of XXI century.

But the reality is that our connection and interest in the ghostly world begins since the rituals of all ancient civilizations, from the begin of the humanity

But is on the XIX century with the creation of the doctrine of the "Spiritism" by "Allan Kardec"
when the people start a true interest for all the phenomenon.

Since the communication with ghosts through voice recordings (EVP)
the paranormal research turns a infinite world for exploration.

The first EVP was recorded in 1959 in Suecia by "Friedrich Jugenson" an Opera singer.

The second big step was the creation of the "Spirit Box" in 1999 by the inventor: "Frank Sumption".

Later in the XX century start the true "Paranormal Investigators Age"
after the transmission of TV shows like "Ghost Adventures" helped by the Enginner "Bill Chappell" known for create the devices used by the investigators.

Devices like the Ovilus 5 ITC, the Resonance EM between many others,
change all the world of this research.

Later in XXI century all continues with the use of platforms of video like youtube or twich,
where any person can be a ghost hunter.

*check a little list of paranormal devices in: https://buscadoresdefantasmas.com/descubre-la-tecnologia-mas-avanzada-de-investigacion-paranormal/